Why Precision Additives

  • Committed to consistent quality
  • Unique fluids managment solution
  • Proven track record
  • Combined 75 years management

Quick Response, Adaptive Solutions

Precision Additives develops and manufactures proprietary and custom completion slurries and drilling lubricants that optimize production when coupled with the company’s innovative fluids management services. Privately owned, without the pricing pressures of private equity, Precision Additives is nimble, with great flexibility to respond quickly to the needs of its customers.

Our experienced technical and commercial teams adapt to industry challenges, providing immediate chemical, mechanical, operational and commercial solutions. Precision Additives uses state-of-the-art, automated, mobile manufacturing equipment. Through our extensive experience in custom and toll blending, international logistics, and supply chain management, Precision Additives has established a track record for safety, quality and on-time delivery.

Over the past three years, Precision Additives has invested heavily in plant, property and equipment to enhance efficiency, support our customers’ growth and provide a safe work place. The result:

  • Increased production capability by 700%
  • Expanded mobile blending capacity
  • Increased lab’s ability to meet production capacity

Major Oilfield Services and Drilling Companies

Precision Additives began selling down-hole drilling mud additives in 1994 to major oilfield service companies. Today, we deliver reliable, consistent products and services to a growing customer base throughout the major shale fields of the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.