Experienced Executive Team

Jeff Steinkirchner – CEO & President

As CEO of The Precision Companies, Mr. Steinkirchner provides the guiding vision and, as president, much of the operations leadership for Precision Additives. Mr. Steinkirchner started Precision Additives in 1995.

Mr. Steinkirchner began his career focusing on Metallurgy and Mineral Economics at Premier Industrial Corp., and then on the Petroleum Specialty Chemical market, selling lubricant additives to the metalworking market for Ferro Corporation.

In 1992, Mr. Steinkirchner started Precision Fluids, Inc., a Houston-based metalworking fluids company. Primary customers were major oil, healthcare, aerospace and automotive companies. Precision Additives was formed in 1995 to focus on specialty lubricants and completion fluids in the oil and gas industry. Currently, Precision Fluids’ core business is still cutting fluids for the machine shops. Precision Additives continues to focus on drilling and completion fluids, primarily for unconventional drilling.

Mr. Steinkirchner graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor’s in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering.

 Steven Bonaventura – Vice President – Operations

Mr. Bonaventura has over 22 years of experience in operations management.  With his proven record of managing a budget by exceeding productivity goals, controlling variable labor and controlling expenses of operation, his focus on productivity, quality control, and safety has repeatedly garnered him recognition. 

Before joining Precision Additives he managed a distribution center for a construction supply company, generating more than $20 million in annual sales.  As a manager of a large computer retail chain, he was directly responsible for 45 employees, driving sales that exceeded $17 million annually.  Mr. Bonaventura also has in-depth work experience with IT development and implementation to improve company technology and security.