We are proud to have achieved the highest quality control classification from multiple Tier 1 oilfield service companies.

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Quality Control Services Ensure Consistency

Precision Additives invested in the design and construction of a state-of-the-art laboratory to facilitate development of proprietary formulas, precise toll blends, testing of existing slurries to identify trends, and on-going innovation of new products. Qualified chemical engineers, chemists and lab technicians utilize certified equipment to ensure our products meet customer requirements and all regulatory and environmental standards.

Our technicians and engineers work on quality assurance (QA), quality control (QC) and product development in our Houston, TX headquarters lab, and at drilling sites, where ever they are located, to maintain consistent quality and performance on the job site.

  • 100% finished product quality control assurance and history

  • Batch data retention (delivery location, QC, usage, trend analysis)

  • QA evaluates the complete production process and ensures all industry standards are met with an environmentally-focused mindset

  • QC manages the control process of raw materials and finished products

  • Product development works closely with customers to meet their current and future requirements

Precision Additives’ commitment to delivering consistent quality products is supported by strong and interactive relationships with select raw material suppliers and highly valued by our customers.